The Student Council was first set up in 2004 and is democratically elected by the student body every year. Our Student Council is a valuable entity within the school community. The Council gains valuable experience by leading and representing student issues. The elected council members (twelve in total, two from each year group) attend regular meetings on matters of importance to students and organise activities to promote student well-being. Past projects have included the purchase of outside picnic benches, SVP Christmas Table Quiz, lunchtime activities, canteen food choice etc. 

The advantages of having a student council are:

  • To create a positive school atmosphere

  • To create a caring school environment, which is supportive and inclusive

  • To act as a vehicle for student participation

  • To have a beneficial impact on issues such as discipline and staff-student relations

  • To develop communication and leadership skills, responsibility and accountability

  • To be a valued resource to management, teachers and other students


Student Council representatives have a responsibility to be the voice of their class group in relation to student issues within CNC.  The election to the Student Council is one of the highlights in the school calendar and has been very successfully organised and conducted by various CSPE classes further to their study of the concept of democracy and the conduct of elections in gen





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