Junior Cert Metalwork

Metalwork is a ‘hands-on’ subject that involves designing, planning and making projects that students find interesting and engaging.  It is an activity-based course focusing on metal, how to work with it, manufacture components and how to assemble different parts.  Other materials such as plastics and wood are also investigated and used in their project work.

Students learn how to work with bench tools and workshop equipment to manufacture and assemble parts into useful and interesting items.  The subject aims to develop life long skills for work related disciplines and provide a basis for career decision making and further studies.












Leaving Cert Engineering

Engineering promotes an educational understanding of the materials and a knowledge of the processes associated with mechanical engineering.  This is achieved through the development of skills in the planning, development and realization of technological projects.  There is a good mix of theory and practice involved in the subject.  The Engineering Technology syllabus reflects the changing needs of society and aims to prepare students for the modern technological world we live in.  It will contribute to the development of the student’s entrepreneurial expertise, autonomous learning and a variety of transferable cognitive and practical skills.  A strong emphasis is placed on problem solving, on research and on the design and manufacture of useful artefacts.  Within this framework, skill in decision-making is also developed.

Course Structure and Examination

The course is divided into three elements.

Design Project

Students must design and manufacture a project as per a given brief.  This project accounts for  25% of  the Leaving Cert mark.  This gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their tehnological skills which have been developed in their workshop experiences.

Day Practical

A day practical examination, where students interperate a working drawing, manufacture and assemble components on a given day, accounts for 25% of their Leaving Cert mark. 

Theory Exam

The theory element accounts for 50% of the Leaving Cert mark.  The syllabus, which is taught over two years, covers topics such as Material Science, Mechanisms, Machining, Welding and Material Testing. 

























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