Home Economics, Social and Scientific (LC)

Subject Overview

Social & Scientific Home Economics is an applied subject combining theory with practice in order to develop understanding and solve problems. It is concerned with the way individuals and families manage their resources to meet physical, emotional, intellectual, social and economic needs. 

Social & Scientific provides continuity and progression from the Junior Cert Home Economics programme.


The syllabus is based on a core of three areas of study that will be studied by all students. 


  • Food Studies     45%
  • Resource Management and Consumer Studies   25%
  • Social Studies         10%


There are three electives from which one will be chosen.  Each elective is an extension of some aspect of the core.

One optional study may be chosen from the following three:20%

  • Home Design and Management
  • Textiles Fashion and Design
  • Social Studies


Leaving Certificate Social & Scientific Home Economics is assessed at ordinary and higher level, through two different methods of assessment. It is assessed by a written paper (80%) at the end of 6th year and a written project (20%) completed in fifth year and submitted in sixth year.



































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