Listen to the beauty of language,

Learn what it is to express – not just say,

Stroll with Shakespeare,

Walk and talk with a poet,

Lose yourself in the paradise of a novel, play or film,

Write with passion, coherence and creativity,

Write so somebody else will want to read what you write!


“The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.”

 Maya Angelou 


Department Personnel

The department has three English teachers who are all passionate and innovative subject specialists.  All English teachers continually engage in Continuing Professional Development and strive to employ student-centred lessons, new subject content and rich and stimulating texts that engage students in the subject.  Departmental meetings are held at regular intervals to share lesson ideas, methodologies and department resources.

Junior Certificate English

The study of Junior Certificate English serves to engage students in reflection on personal, social and cultural issues through a variety of rich and stimulating language and literature resources. The course explores:

  • Reading comprehensions and textual response
  • Personal writing including short-story, speech and essay writing
  • Functional writing including letter writing and magazine articles
  • Media response that explores the impact of digital and social media in the world of advertising and journalism.
  • Drama that engages students through thought-provoking plays like John B. Keane’s The Field and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and The Merchant of Venice
  • Poetry which deals with personal and social issues such as death, love, loss and war
  • Fiction that promotes reading for pleasure and that “itch” to turn the page.

Assessment includes class tests, oral presentations, group and project work.

Leaving Certificate English

Leaving Certificate English is a stimulating and provocative syllabus that invites students to engage in critical-thinking about a variety of themes, issues, texts and authors.  The course explores:

  • Responding to text extracts including narrative, speech and media articles
  • Five language genres (language of information, narration, persuasion, argument and the aesthetic use of language) This includes skill development in writing in each of these genres.  This promotes narrative, speech writing and article writing.
  • A Stroll with Shakespeare and One of the Chief Protagonists - this also includes a theatre trip and group work.
  • rich and evocative poetry as students reflect of a range of personal, social and global themes including death, war, depression and relationships to name but a few
  • The comparative approach of comparing three texts under a common theme
  • Poetry for pleasure.

Assessment includes class tests, oral presentations, group and project work



















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