Science Department

The Science department provides a full curriculum for both the junior and senior cycles.  At senior cycle curricula are offered in Biology, Agricultural Science, Chemistry and Physics.

Science Personnel

The department has full staffing levels to support these curricula.  Staff possess extensive expertise and experience.  A number of staff have been involved in in-career development and teaching workshops.  The department has a dedicated subject co-ordinator.  Regular meetings take place, exploring ways of promoting and developing the science subjects within the school.  All students take Junior Certificate Science, this provides a sound platform and encourages their participation at Leaving Certificate level. 

Science at Junior Level 

  • The junior cycle equips students with the basic scientific knowledge and methodology to take science subjects at Leaving Certificate level. 
  • This covers the basic skills in the three strands: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
  • The students engage thoroughly in practical work; students get “hands-on” experience of all mandatory experiments as well as experiencing many other experiments linked to the curriculum.  
  • The benefits of their paractical experience is evident as they engage with their Course Work B Investigations which encompasses 25% of their Junior Certificate.


 Science at Senior Level 

  • The options available to students at senior level are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science. 
  • Physics offers the students a chance to explore heat, light, mechanics, electricity, magnetism, radioactivity, particle physics and sound. 
  • Chemistry provides an insight into analysing substances by titration, radioactivity, equilibrium, acids/bases, water and sewage treatment and organic chemistry. 
  • Biology equips students with the knowledge of human body systems, plant physiology, genetics, micro-biology and ecology. 
  • Agricultural Science entails the study of beef, dairy, sheep and pig farming as well as crop development and plant/animal physiology. 

Science Facilities

The science department boasts two fully equipped laboratories accompanied by a demonstration room to cater for students taking science subjects in our school.  Each of the rooms also come equipped with personal computers with internet connection, video, overhead projection, notice boards, iPads and data projectors.  All teachers in the science area have rooms with posters and students’ work reflecting the subject area.  The resources and equipment of the science department facilitate the use of a wide variety of teaching methodologies.  A wide variety of IT resources are available for use in engaging students in science. 

Department Activities 

The department is involved in a wide range of extra activities which include: 

  • SciFest in Athlone IT – a large number of students participated in the 2012/13event and the school received several awards for projects submitted at the competition 
  • The school runs a Science Week in November
  • Ag Science, Biology and junior science field trips 
  • Speakers related to scientific topics visit our school. 
  • Continuous IT updating and training 
  • As part of the school’s Open Day students are actively involved in performing science experiments.
  • Laboratory facilities are made available to students over lunch periods to encourage their active engagement in science.




















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