The Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004 states ‘A child with special educational needs shall be educated in an inclusive environment with children who do not have such needs.’

Coláiste Naomh Cormac is committed to:

  • Providing an inclusive education for all students
  • Including and integrating those with special needs in the school’s mainstream classrooms and activities so that they may participate in a meaningful way in all aspects of school life 
  • Assisting children with special educational needs to leave school with the skills necessary to participate, to the level of their capacity, in an inclusive way in social and economic activities and to live full and independent lives 
  • Acknowledging parents as full and equal partners in the educational process and their involvement is encouraged in the assessment and decision making processes regarding their child’s education

Mainstream teachers play a key role in bringing about the successful inclusion of students with special educational needs in the school. Support is given to teachers in the form of advice regarding specific difficulties, supplementary materials suitable for special needs students, teaching strategies etc.  

  • Teachers continuously monitor and assess students and refer any student whom they feel may benefit from learning support to the Special Needs Co-Coordinator. Students, who have an exemption from Irish, if they have special educational needs, are also offered learning support. 
  • Resource teaching is also available for those students who require it.  
  • Diagnostic tests are administered to all students receiving learning support and/or resource to identify the student’s learning strengths and needs. 
  • Student’s needs are reassessed from time to time.

The school acknowledges that all students including those with special educational needs learn at different rates and in different ways. To promote greater access to the curriculum differentiated instruction is used by teachers in the school to establish in their classrooms an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students.  In-service training on topics relevant to the teaching of students with special educational needs is provided for mainstream teachers on a regular basis. 

Apart from the normal parent /teacher meetings there is regular consultation between parents of SEN students and the Special Needs Coordinator either by phone or in person.  Either party may initiate contact. 

Transition to Third Level: The transition of students with special educational needs to third level/other requires careful planning. Planning may need to begin up to two years before the date on which the student is due to transfer from the school. Applications for Irish/Second language exemptions and for additional learning support for students with SEN in third level colleges are completed by the Special Needs Coordinator. These applications must be accompanied by a report from an educational psychologist. Such an assessment is arranged within the appropriate timeframe.  Some students with special educational needs may require placement in supported employment or other special services, these students are referred to APT, the Occupational Guidance Service. 

Legal Framework

Coláiste Naomh Cormac’s Special Educational Needs policy can be viewed at the school and is informed by

  • The Education Act 1998
  • The Education for Persons with Special Educational Needs Act 2004
  • The Disability Act 2005
  • The Equal Status Acts 2000-2004
  • Department of Education & Science Circular Letters
  • National Council for Special Education Circular Letters
  • Inclusion of Students with Special Educational Needs, Post Primary Guidelines, 2007
  • Guidelines on the Individual Education Planning Process, 2006, NCSE




















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