The curriculum offered in CNC is designed to give each student the opportunity to realise his/her full potential and to develop his/her interests and talents. Students follow a broad range of subjects and are given a wide variety of learning experiences.

CNC follows the curriculum set down by the Department of Education & Skills which may be amended from time to time in accordance with the Education Acts 1998 & 2000


The Junior Cycle is a three year programme that underpins our school’s vision for developing our students and helps them to achieve their best. This philosophy is in line with the new Junior Certificate framework that aims to enable students to achieve their full potential and contribute to Ireland’s economic, social and cultural development. Our mixed- ability approach in first year affords students of all abilities the opportunity to expand on their talents and to challenge their young minds .All students will engage with the 24 Statements of Learning as well as developing key skills which will enable them to participate in 21st Century Learning.








Home Economics


Business Studies

Technical Graphics

Materials Technology Wood

Materials Technology Metal



Religion (non-exam subject)

C.S.P.E (non-exam subject 2017 onwards)

S.P.H.E (non- exam subject)

Physical Education

Information Technology


Public Speaking/ Debating



Students are continuously assessed during the three years of the junior cycle. Formal house exams are held at Christmas and in May for first and second years. Third year students have a “pre-mock” exam in November and a full mock Junior Certificate Examination in February/March.  Reports are issued following all of these exams and parents/guardians are encouraged to retain these reports as a record of effort, attainment, behaviour and punctuality. Following the issuing of reports there are follow-up meetings with parents/guardians/ students. 



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